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  • Purchase supportive running shoes

    How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Marathon

    Have you ever been out and about and see a sticker that says 26.2 or 13.1 on the back of someone’s car? Heard someone say they are doing a color run? What about the Nike half-marathon? Whether a hobby or a workout/fitness goal, marathons have grown in popularity & frequency over the past few years. […]

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    8 Outdoor Activities For You & Your Family

    After months of rain and staying indoors, summer is a breath of fresh air here in Oregon. The kids are out of school (maybe even for a few weeks now) and are looking for new things to do while they “wait for school to start back up” and parents are busy keeping their kids busy. […]

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  • kids exercising

    Introducing Our Homeschool Fitness Program

    We have some exciting news to share!: BIO Force Youth Fitness has developed a new fitness program specifically designed for kids that are homeschooled. In today’s fast paced, high-tech environment, obesity is becoming an increasing problem. 67% of all youth are overweight and a staggering 17% of youth are obese. With little or no physical education […]

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