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  • Smile

    What Smiling Can Do For Your Mood

    Have you ever been having a really bad day and had someone give all of his or her effort to make you smile? Did you know that their actions are not only trying to improve your your mood, but your health, too? As adults, we tend to become stressed and overwhelmed with everything we have […]

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  • After school program

    Beaverton’s Active After School Program: Kids Have Fun, Stay Fit, and Learn!

    We all live busy lives. From having a family, working, and getting some “me-time,” we tend to stay rather occupied, and frankly overwhelmed. As our kids begin their new school year, many of us are looking for a place for our kids to go while we finish out our workday. However, there are many things […]

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  • Image courtesy of Pixabay and Wokandapix

    Back to School – Starting Off the School Year on a Healthy Foot

    Summer has come to a close and kids are on their way back to school. The beginning of every school year is an important time for our kids; meeting their new teachers, getting into a routine of school, homework, and extracurricular activities, and making new friends. However, the beginning of the school year also brings […]

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