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    Setting Yearly Fitness Goals!

    It doesn’t matter when you start a new resolution, any year can start TODAY! Here are some tips for setting yearly goals: If you didn’t reach last years goals, keep working Just because you didn’t reach your goals from last year, don’t give up on them. Keep working towards reaching those goals – after all, you […]

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    What is the Winter Challenge

    For those of you who have ever trained with us at BIO Force Youth Fitness, you know we love a challenge! Whether challenging yourself to do 5 more reps, trying a new exercise, pushing towards a goal, or signing up for a marathon, challenging yourself in your fitness journey is crucial and that is why […]

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    Why Your Posture Is So Important

    “Sit up straight!” “Pull your shoulders back.” “Don’t slouch!” How many of us have heard one of these from one or both of our parents? We often get annoyed, roll our eyes, and walk away, but what they are telling us to do about our posture is very important! What does good posture mean?  We […]

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